Connecting with Health & Vitality

One Sunday every 3 months you are able to experience a day of complete rest and rejuvenation. The yoga studio is a humble one that facilitates 14 people and is set amidst a beautiful Australian landscape. The lake is at its doorstep and the 35 acres you have access to is gorgeous.

The day usually begins with General Hatha Yoga, a walking meditation around the lake followed by lunch. The afternoon session includes relaxation yoga or deep Stillness Meditation. The last part of the day introduces Qi Gong movement techniques and there is question time available too.

The day can change to suit the requirements of the participants. The last Yoga Day included a session of Chair Yoga which connected people to blocked and stale energy within the muscles and organs. We all felt better afterwards. There is also plenty of time to socialise over the lunch break or to spend time on your own in nature. You decide how the day will unfold according to your needs.

2019 Dates: January 20, April 14, July 7, September 29, December 15