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Honoring The Body’s Messages – 3 Hour Yoga Workshop

What a beautiful frosty morning it was today. The paddocks were a blanket of white and the temperature was below 0. The sun was shining and the morning was welcomed by the keen yogis booked for the morning 3 hour workshop on honoring the body’s messages through asana. Both the morning and afternoon group were blessed with the most glorious winter sun streaming into the studio and later in the day a deep afternoon stillness... Read more →

Rebalancing the Chakra System

Spring Edition of Yoga by the Lake – 2019

Each yoga day seems to be so unique and the Spring edition of 2019 is one of my favorites! The studio was at full capacity and although the regulars were quick to book in some new yogis managed to secure a mat as well. The focus on this day of the new moon was to better understand the chakra system and how a basic knowledge of the system can guide the yoga practitioner towards a... Read more →

Winter Wellness Retreat Day – 7 July 19

A unique day for participants who booked in to learn more about how to assist the body as it navigates the natural releases of wintertime. The season is one that asks nature and all connected to it to release all that is old so it can ready itself for the arrival of spring and the new life it heralds. Postures were chosen that nourish the endocrine system and relieve anxiety, stress, depression or what some... Read more →

Yoga By The Lake: April 2019

Chair yoga can sometimes be viewed as a modality for the elderly or the debilitated and although it is extremely beneficial for people in this category the style of yoga is abundantly fruitful for anyone who practices it. The April yoga day started with sitting on specifically designed yoga chairs and engaging in pranayama which translates to “breath control”: working with the breath and deliberately changing it for the body’s benefit. Prana is sanskrit for... Read more →

The Healing Art of Qi Gong

Qi Gong Weekend Immersion What happens when you book in to a Qi Gong weekend? Well this weekend the group participated in learning the Level One Self – Healing Technique. This is a movement meditation that has links to Tai Chi and immense therapeutic benefits. It is one of the most highly documented techniques as a result of its healing properties. People with sports injuries, back complaints, chronic illness, anxiety or people who require stress... Read more →

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