What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a form of therapy where the therapist is able to take the client or patient into parts of the subconscious that the rational or conscious mind does not have access to. Once rapport has been established both therapist and client go into areas of the psyche that elude the thinking mind in order to address the incongruency and establish harmony. Psychotherapy can use a number of techniques to achieve this such as Archetype or Parts Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Narrative and Gestalt Therapy which integrates mind and body, Cognitive Therapy which looks to understanding the relationship between emotions, behavoiurs and thoughts or Emotional Release Therapy.

The benefits to the client are usually immediate. Common benefits include:

  • loss of old, limiting patterns or behaviours
  • replacing destructive addictions with positive, empowering actions
  • learning to respond to situations (adult) rather than react (child)
  • being assertive or powerful rather than aggressive and forceful
  • getting to the underlying subconscious reasons for emotional/thinking problems
  • not needing the approval of others
  • a more loving, accepting, calmer approach to life and challenges it presents
  • enhanced communication skills and relationships
  • having more energy to appreciate and enjoy the above changes