What is Theraputic Stillness Meditation?

Traditional “talking” therapies in conjunction with Stillness Meditation provides a very powerful healing environment for many clients. In some patients there is a loss of connection between the mind that aims to function in a rational way in the world and the overly stressed or abused body that cannot keep up. For such a mind the belief is that it is dangerous to enter the “hurting” body and so mind and body are at war with what is required, creating corresponding physical ailments and imbalances.

Therapeutic Stillness Meditation asks such a busy mind to slow down, or to get out of the way completely so the body can rest and learn to trust its natural healing rhythms. Minimal use of language and touch are both important to reset the body and allow it to access the deep rest of the parasympathetic nervous system. A series of sessions helps the client break the default fight or flight mechanisms that are triggered in the body.

This therapy is suitable for anyone. It can be used as a way to reset the body after a busy week and for purely relaxation purposes or to encourage the body to release old traumas living in the musculature, organs or bones. In more serious cases, once a relationship has been established between psyche and soma, a more traditional approach involving the “talking” therapies is encouraged.