What a beautiful frosty morning it was today. The paddocks were a blanket of white and the temperature was below 0. The sun was shining and the morning was welcomed by the keen yogis booked for the morning 3 hour workshop on honoring the body’s messages through asana. Both the morning and afternoon group were blessed with the most glorious winter sun streaming into the studio and later in the day a deep afternoon stillness was noticed by all.

The 3 hours was divided into a 90 minute yoga session, morning tea and a 60 min practice. Initially yogis noticed the stiffness in their bodies after a long break from yoga but we engaged in a full spectrum yoga class that included postures designed to clear headaches, neck pain, tight shoulders, hips and hamstrings, upper, middle and lower back pain, and a few other ailments. 90 minutes is a wonderful amount of time to really deepen into each posture and feel the messages the body is giving as the practice is maintained. There were some realizations around how much a consistent yoga practice actually gifts the body and the mind. People were re-energized to commit to a more devoted practice over the winter months.

Throughout the practice yogis were encouraged to notice when the mind became distracted and enticed into thinking about the past or the future and to redirect the mind towards the present moment and watch the unfolding of the body’s messages. A devoted mind can stay with what is unfolding in the present moment with ease and it does not run away from discomfort or become attached to a posture that feels incredible. The space was an opportunity to witness what actually happens within the mind as the asana is practiced. Some yogis start to receive wisdom around how to improve their daily routines so the body does not become so stiff.

The short break was an opportunity to be in the sun, connect and to sip a nourishing hot drink. There is such gratitude in the yogis to be in a space that has limited wifi, nature all around and the support of EMR reducing technology so that yoga can be practiced in as clean a space as possible.

The last hour of the workshop specifically looks at postures that assist a person to release emotions from the body. Second Chakra is the seat of emotions and like thoughts they are designed to flow in and out of the body without taking them too personally or seriously. A healthy second chakra receives the messages of the emotions, integrates the teachings and then releases the charge in a positive and harmless way. We looked at postures for irritability, anger, fear, lack of focus, apathy, procrastination, anxiety and the blues, obsessiveness, impatience and depletion. In the afternoon group we spent 10 minutes laughing so hard our bellies hurt and this in itself was a beautiful release of a positive joyousness that affected all in the room.

Thank you to all participants, the day was very successful with 2 very different groups and a whole lot of yoga fun. If you wish to experience this workshop soon let me know as it is a prerequisite for Sunday 9th where we deepen into postures for the Spirit. How do we reclaim the spirit from unhelpful belief systems? Dates are as follows:
1. Repeat of today: Honoring the Body’s messages: Saturday 8th August
2. Yoga for the Spirit: 9th August & 16th August
3. Yoga for the Spirit Part 2: 20 September.

At this Stage Yoga for the Spirit 9th August is fully booked and the 16th August has 2 mats left. Please register interest ASAP so I can create another day if required. Space is limited to 6 mats.

Hope to see you all again very soon, much love and light to you all