Chakra is a Sanskrit word which means “wheel of light” and seven of these pure energy centers lie along the nave of the spine. Within each of the seven wheels information is stored that has been gathered throughout a person’s lifetime. Unravelling this information leads to a conscious awareness of Self that brings with it vitality and health.

C.G. Jung the infamous psychologist and psychotherapist, referred to the chakras as the “gateway of consciousness”. Traditionally there are seven of these energy centres or chakras and each has its own purpose, association and connection.

This course is one designed to promote literacy in this area of human development so that you can know yourself and others better. Asking a practitioner to “clean up” or “reset” chakras misses the true power and purpose of these energy centers so each participant is given the information required to harness the power directly for her/himself. Understanding and balancing these energy centers is beneficial for mental, emotional and physical wellbeing and this course shows you how.


2019 Dates:

22 February, 15 March, 19 April, 17 May, 5 June, 6 July, 16 August.

Fridays: 5.45 – 7.45