Reiki is a Japanese healing art that taps into universal life energy and with intent offers this space to clients as a means to regain the homeostasis that brings wholeness and hence healing. Like Qi Gong, Reiki asks the practitioner to be aware of the physical, emotional and mental bodies and their relationship to each other within him-self, and to use this awareness with clients as they explore the disconnectedness being experienced.

By creating the symbols that are associated with each of the bodies, whether it be the emotional, mental or physical body, the practitioner is bringing to mind the energy of each symbol which has a direct impact on the client. It assists to direct the client out of old ways of perceiving and to see an imbalance with new eyes or awareness. The client is asked to use the intuitive mind to access knowledge the linear mind cannot access and as the client accesses these realms the practitioner holds a loving space that can hear what is being said by the client, decide which levels of consciousness are speaking and direct the client to the part of the body that holds the memories or stale energy.

Reiki can be used as a way to open a client to the healing power of loving touch and to begin the process of connecting the parts of the body that are not communicating. If psyche and soma are not communicating then the body is out of balance! Once such connections are made the body has an incredible way of bringing itself back into balance if it is the right time to do so. Both systems access the soul space that is required to bring about lasting change.