Qi Gong Weekend Immersion

What happens when you book in to a Qi Gong weekend? Well this weekend the group participated in learning the Level One Self – Healing Technique. This is a movement meditation that has links to Tai Chi and immense therapeutic benefits. It is one of the most highly documented techniques as a result of its healing properties. People with sports injuries, back complaints, chronic illness, anxiety or people who require stress management book in to learn such a technique. Sometimes very vibrant and extremely healthy people book in as they are aware of the wisdom of preventing illness by engaging in healthy routines. The text: 101 Miracles of Natural Healing by Luke Chan documents the miracle stories that came from a consistent practice.

 Master Chun Jie Liu brought the techniques to Australia after extensive travel throughout China collecting and documenting these techniques that are thousands of years old. Master Liu organized the techniques into Level One, Level Two and the Masters’ series. The steps take people naturally towards their highest health potential if this is sought. The master who taught me is a student of Master Liu. The 12 years spent making my way through level 1 & 2 and entering the Master’s series has brought enormous life changes and benefits. This experience is what is shared over the weekends where the level one movement techniques are taught and within the private sessions where students learn the sitting techniques.

Over the course of Saturday students spend time learning about energy and understanding that we are first and foremost energy before we are anything else. Understanding how our own energy system is traveling is a very powerful tool. The self – healing technique has 6 separate stages and the preparation, opening sequence and step one and two are often taught on the first day. Sunday, we repeat (many times) the sequence we learned on Saturday and when ready to move on learn step 3 and the closing sequence.

The Qi Gong technique is delivered from a space where the teacher draws on the thousands of hours spent in personal practice. What is imparted is a lived experience as well as a body of knowledge as both have a very important role to play. People learn to see the technique as the tool from where they can meet or encounter themselves and their connection with all that is around them. Making steps towards meditation in this way is the start of a relationship with a deeper self that is not limited by physical boundaries or illnesses. People sometimes encounter their busy or untrained minds and so the initial experience may not be pleasant but in the same way returning to a yoga class strengthens muscles, bones, balance, lung capacity and so on, returning to the technique time and time again strengthens the part of the brain that can redirect focus from one thing to another with no effort at all. This is very useful as such a person is less at the mercy of negative thinking, reactive behavior or default mechanisms such as nervousness or fear. As the technique is a movement technique there are also physical benefits that may not be present in the sitting series.

Watching people from all walks of life connect over the weekend as they all learn something completely new is a blessing. People learn in different ways as some are visual, some are kinesthetic learners, others are interpersonal or intrapersonal learners and everyone seems to benefit from the field that holds all these skills in the one place. What appeared to be an overwhelming task at the start of the weekend ends up being a fairly easily absorbed technique that helps most to go into a space of deep rest, physical opening and where the mind is quiet.

Inquire at any stage to learn a technique that is appropriate for you.

Namaste, Marise

Accredited Meditation Teacher, Qi Gong Teacher, Psychotherapist and Yoga Teacher.